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foodie1321 - Burrp User


March 03,2015

Neat and affordable

Neat little place with lot of variety to experiment. I like the different starter options, unusual and unique unlike the normal Chinese fare.
Ambiance is nice with slow Chinese music. I like their concept of half and full portions so order can be placed according to the necessity.
The dessert options are good but I feel it can be widened. Service is ok and would be nice if improved..
Overall yummy food at affordable cost. Evening well spent.
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weird warlock - Burrp User

weird warlock

December 19,2013

It not Chinese, its not IndoChinese, it HPC

I could just say, its good, go eat, but that probably does not qualify for as a review.
HPC has a menu that looks like a Vikram Seth book. Plenty of pages which will take a couple of months to read if you make a full time job of it.
Everytime I go there I just do the 'inky pinky ponky' thing on the menu and ask them to bring the dishes. And surprisingly I have always found the food to be quite nice. The variations on dish x and dish y might not be great, but they sure as heck taste good. I think these guys have found a zen (a reviewer used the "zen" term to describe the ambience..... and I agree with him/her) way of cooking food where everything just tastes good, no matter what they call it or how they cook it.
If you live/work in OMR or the Velachery area, I recommend this place, actually I HIGHLY recommend it.
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Ghumta Bhukkad - Burrp User

Ghumta Bhukkad

October 30,2013

HPC Chinese

This place has the potential for zen like peacefulness with all its buddha murals and beautiful paintings on the wall and the dim hanging lamps over the tables. We ordered
Lemon Coriander Soup - it was a thick soup with nice flavoring of lemon in at and finely crushed/ chopped coriander leaves and vegetables Baby Corn Schezwan Chilly- Crispy friend baby corn sauteed in a schezwan chilly sauce and very Indo- Chinese. Pan Fried Noodles in Schezwan Sauce - The noodles looked more like it was a soya sauce and not the red color schezwan sauce we are normally used to but even this tasted nice but not all that schezwan-ny .
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narmada sankar - Burrp User

narmada sankar

July 22,2013

Best Chinese Restaurant in Chennai!!

This place has been in the news for the right reasons. It is by far, the best Chinese restaurant in Chennai!!!! The first time I went there, I was with my family. My mother in law who just finishes with Dosa when we frequent out, had a delight that night at Dinner. The ambiance welcomes you with dim light and sizzling aromas. The tables are set at good distance from each other and therefore we can smell just what we have! The on the house tea and short eats are sinfully good, with the carrots soaked in vinegar like base. Dont miss it! You can do away with your usual chinese restaurants problem of plenty since here the portions are suggested and served in a personalized manner. Half portions of different varieties of dishes is my take. The people waiting on you have hands on knowledge on the menu and aptly suggest the right side dish for the right course of food. Of course, you will find the simple and smiling owners of the restaurant overseeing and ensuring a delightful dinner for you. Do not miss the Fried ice cream for anything in the world. It is a make to order dish, so you have to wait, but trust me, you ll not stop with one :) I have been there so many times for various occasions and each time, HPC has lived up to its reputation. Chennai, Chinese has finally arrived :)
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KBP1981 - Burrp User


January 16,2013

Excellent food and service

When I recently visited Chennai, I had the opportunity to try this restaurant. The service was excellent along with food. Providing hot tea and kimchi for all guests is a nice touch. I went on a culinary excursion in Chennai trying various restaurants over a period of three weeks, I must say that there is no restaurant that serves this much amount of meat for such low prices anywhere in the city. Good job guys, keep it up.
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